Millenium Tiles

Millennium Tile® is precisely dimensioned for form & function. It is available in 2 forms.
•Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Tiles & Panels are ideal for a wide variety of roofing, siding and decorative applications. Millennium Tiles™ have been selected for residential, commercial and institutional buildings alike.
Available in both full size (9.125” x 15”) and half-size accent, the tiles offer a flexible design solution that really makes a statement.


Style and Function

Stainless is considered a modern material while zalmag® would be more traditional. both offer great protection and permanence. either material will attract your projects admiration for decades, or perhaps centuries.

TiNi & LIC


Two methods of coloring stainless steel:


Coloring Process/Finishing
Our Stainless Steel Tiles & Panels are available in a full range of high-performance, custom colors.
Our coloring process is unique, drawing color from within the stainless steel itself to create permanent, multi-faceted hues that will never fade, peel or chip.
Visible light is prismatically separated into different wavelengths resulting in different colors within our clear oxide surface. Because the oxide remains clear, it is impervious to UV damage. The color changes with light conditions, absorbing the mood of the day. Unlike paint, our products dynamically reflect their environment.
The coloring process enhances corrosion resistance of the stainless steel and creates slight color variations similar to those found in organic products, giving our tiles a natural appearance as well as aesthetic beauty.


ZALMAG® "The solution to zinc" 

ZALMAG® is a new coating for metal that adds new layers of protection to the traditional hot dip galvanization the increases the metal’s ability to resist corrosion greatly and provides a zinc like patina. It consists of 5-12% Aluminum, 3% Magnesium and the remainder Zinc. Zalmag® weathers from an engaging silver color to an elegant bluish-grey tone, the color of a classic Zinc patina.


• Conventional hot-dip galvanized sheets have a protective film consisting of zinc oxides. These oxides make the surface structure of the film rough and that promotes corrosion.
• ZALMAG®, on the other hand, has a protective film consisting of zinc and magnesium oxides. The structure of these oxides is tight and thereby suppresses the onset of corrosion. When ZALMAG ® and conventional galvanized sheets are tested under identical conditions, red rust is generated on the hot-dip galvanized sheets while white rust, to the total exclusion of red rust, appears on the ZALMAG®.

 Natural & Pewter

Natural Stainless (2B mill finish) has been referred to as an "honest" product. It began to grace some monumental structures in the late 1920's such as the Chrysler building in New York City, which is still beautiful after more than 80 years without a sign of corrosion. Millennium Tiles has also created an etched product which we call "Pewter"; a less shiny product that radiates understated elegance. Designers have found ways to mix the two surfaces in clever ways. Stainless Steel has outstanding physical characteristics that make it the toughest material for roof or walls. It is also the material that can collect potable water and is recyclable while being highly recycled.